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We offer the very best in website submission services through our use of the finest cutting edge software available in the market today. We do not submit to pointless free for all link directories, nor do we submit your site to search engines whose traffic numbers do not meet our stringent criteria. We only submit your site to the world's best search engines, the ones which have high traffic numbers, quality content and perform relevant searches. They produce 90% of all internet traffic and give your website the highest visibility possible. 

Get Your Site Listed All Over The World! 

We do not charge you when we submit your site. The submission of your site comes with each optimization package free of charge. All web submissions are conducted at the optimum time to insure prime position for your website and only done when our Web Services Team feels it is necessary to do. This only occurs when and if your website begins to fall in the major engines or when dropped from any particular search engine. We do not blanket submit to all search engines but just the ones necessary to keep your positioning high.

Web Services Are Mission Critical

Some say that the future is here and now and when it comes to the future of web services we heartily agree.  You might think that SEO has been around for awhile and indeed it has but the competition for prime positioning on the internet has reached new levels and companies who don't utilize an SEO specialist will be left behind. Software cannot duplicate what an SEO specialist can do and probably never will. If you're smart, you'll hire one to watch out for you on the information superhighway. Call Top Ten Marketing today!

"Our firm has been using Top-Ten-Marketing for at least three years. Since using the services of Top-Ten we have been getting many more calls than without their services, from potential creditors. Each time I ask how we were located, we were told on our website. Top Ten has put us at the forefront."
Ronald S. Snyder - Anes, Leventhal & Snyder, PLLC

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